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Date last updated: Thursday, December 19, 11:50 PST

Denise Schlegel Secrets to Getting Police Grants
with Denise Schlegel

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The BJA Grant Writing and Management Academy: Tools for success

The end of the year is almost near and federal grant funding opportunities are few and far between. Now is the time to check out the Bureau of Justice Grant Writing and Management Academy. Anyone involved with law enforcement strategic planning, budget planning, policing strategy development or just planning to submit an application for grant funding to the feds for law enforcement funding should take the time to work through the five modules found at BJA’s site.

This site will assist you in the planning and development of a grant project. It will walk you through the funding, application and management process for grants. It also provides you with insight into the federal expectations of strategic planning and budget development. Today’s grants are not a simple grant form you fill out and send it. They are full blown, in depth business plans used to create a well- developed business proposal.

This training also includes how to develop a project strategy and design, justification and validation of the problem you are addressing, partnership development, management strategies, project fidelity and integrity, sustainability and resource development. All of the issues are critical to the development of a competitive and competitive grant application.


Module 1. Funding opportunities, Purpose of grant funds, rules, tools and resources and recommendations

Module2. Pre-application process, format, compliance, project narrative, project design, capabilities, competencies, assessment, evaluation, budge, online application process and timeline

Module 3: Fund management, compliance, reporting, compliance, closeout, grantee responsibility, fund availability, financial requirements, audits and project management

Module 4: Strategic planning, understanding the problem. Addressing the problem, measuring the results, conclusions

Module 5: Budget Development, Budget Detail and categories and budget narrative

Once you complete the 5 modules you will need to look you’re your agency’s strategic plan and current funding needs for grant funds. You should also obtain a copy of your state’s strategic plan for law enforcement. Your plan and the state plan should have some areas in common. If you do not you may need to consider adjusting your plan to match some of the goals within the state plan. Take time also to update your Part I and Part II crimes data. Then develop a case statement for funding for the areas within your plan which need grant funding. By the time you complete all of this work you are almost ready to begin a 2014 grant application.  The announcements for 2014 funding should be published as early as January. Take time during this slow grant period to get your agency ready for funding. 

I wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Denise is the founder and President of DSSchlegel and Associates LLC which provides grant writing training and support, community and organizational assessments, facilitation services, strategic planning, and curriculum development. She has more than 30 years of executive management experience in nonprofits, local government and law enforcement organizational supports. Denise has served as the law enforcement grant writing instructor for the Northeast Counter Drug Training center for the past 11 years. She is the author of “Grant Writing - Show Me the Money©”, the only CALEA certified grant writing course in the country.

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