Many Global Traffic Technologies, LLC products are available for funding including:

Opticom™ GPS System
Opticom™ GPS System
Opticom™ Central Management Software
Opticom™ Central Management Software
Opticom™ 795H Low-Profile LED Emitter
Opticom™ 795H Low-Profile LED Emitter

Global Traffic Technologies, LLC Grant Assistance Program

How to Get Grant Funding for Global Traffic Technologies, LLC Products

Welcome to the grants assistance program on This program will assist you in developing a successful grant application. Whether you're just starting your grant project or need to add the final touches, our staff of grant consultants have assembled a comprehensive package of helpful resources, including:

  • Online grant writing training
  • Free grant reviews
  • Custom resources
  • Grant alerts

To access these resources at any point in your grant application process, simply click on the Get Assistance link, fill out the form and you will be redirected to the grant assistance page.

Thank you for your interest in grant assistance. Though we cannot guarantee funding, we will do everything in our power to assist you in submitting a successful grant application!


About Global Traffic Technologies, LLC.
There's an emergency across town — and every second counts. Opticom™ emergency vehicle preemption enables responders to preempt traffic signals and gain vehicle right-of-way through intersections for faster, safer response.

Designed to streamline emergency response, our industry-leading Opticom™ system offers incredible reliability and interoperability to ensure a green signal when it's needed most. Choose a robust, versatile and scalable Opticom™ system to advance signal preemption in the community. Plus, it works across jurisdictional boundaries — without further configuration — to promote comprehensive mutual aid strategies with nearby municipal agencies and enhance response throughout the region.