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Office of Justice Programs Diagnostic Center 'E21'

Most of you should be aware of the CrimeSOLUTIONS.gov which provides resources which helps law enforcement to develop data-driven, scientifically proven policing strategies. Using this approach in your grant application assures the best possibility of a grant award.

In partnership with CrimeSOLUTIONS OJP has the OJP Diagnostic Center. This is a technical assistance resource for government executives and community leaders to use to develop evidence-based approaches which work. The purpose of the Diagnostic Center is to facilitate the translation of data and research into public safety and criminal justice policy and practice at the state, local, and tribal levels. Interaction with the DC is intended to build capacity to use date to make evidence-based decisions for their community.

This resource is a part of OJP’s Evidence Integration Initiative (E2I) in response to a call from law enforcement communities nationwide. E2I represents the integrated resources of both www.CrimeSOLUTIONS.org and the http://ojpdiagnosticcenter.org . These sites include more than 270 justice-related programs with their evidence based ratings of “effective/promising or not effects” to indicate whether the grant program created positive outcomes and impact.

The strategy behind E2I is its approach to being smart on crime by helping local assess the community, developing data-driven policing strategies which contribute to real change at the community level. A visit to this resource will help your department to fully understand and utilize practices and policies for reduction of crime in within your jurisdiction, region and state. It leads you through crime assessments and methods of improvement for these assessments. Aids in the synthesis of date from multiple stakeholder groups and provides decision making support to the community.  Assistance is also offered in strategy development, facilitation or peer-to-peer learning and relationship, tools and research publication as well as training.

These resources and supports can assist the department in making sound fiscally responsible decisions and strengthen all grant requests to the state and local government for funding.  There is a library of evidence based research from federals, state, local, and non-profit organizations within the law enforcement community nation-wide at your fingertips.

The OJP has included for each of research a complete listing of grant funding sites to help you search and locate open grant funding resources from across the federal domain. You can also connect to the Foundation Center or and Grantsmanship Center as well.

It is my opinion that this is one of the best resources to support you as you begin to plan, assess, develop and create a sound and fundable grant application. It is user friendly and deep in resources. Every law enforcement organization should begin to review the information at this site before you begin to write a grant or are working to develop new policing strategies and policies for your crime solutions in your community.

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