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Date last updated: Friday, January 4, 16:34 PST

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Wis. police hope to improve quality of life using grants

By Don Walker
Jounral Sentinel

MILWAUKEE, Wis.— Armed with two federal grants totaling $825,000, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said Friday that his department is targeting three city neighborhoods in which officers would work with community organizations "to create environments for families to pursue the American dream."

Flynn told members of the Common Council's Public Safety Committee that, in addition to improving data that measures crime and disorder in the city, he wanted to continue to work to improve city neighborhoods with a form of community policing.

The most recent grant totals $600,000 and will target the Washington Park neighborhood. The money will be used for police overtime, the hiring of three neighborhood organizers and money for research.

Full Story: With grants, police want to improve quality of life in three neighborhoods

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