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Date last updated: Monday, November 11, 10:23 PST

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Iowa police seek grant approval for K-9

By Helen Smith
Quad-City Times

TIPTON, Iowa — Preparations are being made by Tipton to add a drug-sniffing dog to the police department.

An application has been made for a K-9 4 Cops grant worth about $17,000, and if it is not received, other grant applications will be made. According to the police department, approval of a grant is more likely when several of the necessary items have been secured. Also, it would be the only K-9 available within a 45-minute drive.

The council voted to bid $3,500 for a used Crown Victoria police car to transport a dog. A kennel for the car was donated by Donald McGlaughlin, a retired highway patrol officer and former City Council member. Chris Nosbisch, Tipton city manager, assured the council that the car could be sold for the purchase cost if plans fell through.

Full Story: Tipton police seek drug-sniffing dog

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