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Date last updated: Tuesday, March 11, 9:36 PST

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1,500 Ind. officers to receive trauma kits

By Jessica Hayes

INDIANAPOLIS — Soon every IMPD officer will have tools the police department says could save lives, including those of other police officers.

On Tuesday, public safety officials including Director of Public Safety Troy Riggs, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry and the Fraternal Order of Police will announce that enough money was raised so each of the 1,500 IMPD officers can have their own trauma kit.

The kits include trauma scissors, a tourniquet, bandages and airways that an officer could use on oneself, another officer or another victim. In emergencies, the FOP officials say minutes can save a life. These kits, they say, can immediately stop bleeding in the minutes before EMTs arrive.

"I’ve been on several incidents where I’ve felt helpless because I didn’t have the tools right there to help that person, and to know I have it right there in my hands is awesome," IMPD officer Phil Smiley said.

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