Grant Assistance Testimonials

I promised to keep you updated on our grant application for Firehouse Subs and the results.  Today 01/04/2016 I was notified by Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation that we have been awarded the full $11,729.16 requested for 7 AED’s and also 7 Medic BLS bags.  I want to thank you sincerely for all your assistance and work you do in helping, the many law enforcement agencies in getting assistance with their equipment needs.  Thanks to you and your agency our department will now have the needed equipment to save lives!!

Deputy Jason Westcott
Union County Sheriff Office
Elk Point, SD

As the sheriff of Bourbon County, grant writing numbers far down on my daily list of “to-do” items in the performance of my job. Thanks to the help of Praetorian Digital, my office has received over $100,000.00 in grants for equipment and personnel during the last 2 years. Praetorian and their professional team make grant writing easy for this Sheriff.

Thank you Praetorian Digital.

William K. Martin
Bourbon County, Kansas

I think the narratives look great!! Y'all have done a great job on these & hopefully we'll be able to secure funding. Thanks for everyone's effort and if I need to do anything, please don't hesitate to let me know!!

Jeffery Barron
City Planner & Chief Marshal
City of Cornelia
Cornelia, GA

Thank you so much PoliceGrantsHelp for your help! I am attempting to prioritize the grant opportunities now and will begin working towards applications. I want to thank you for all that you and your group does. It has been amazing help in guiding us on these projects and an amazing thing for law enforcement departments in general.

Ryan Jenkins
Park Ranger
Henry Horton State Park
Chapel Hill, TN


 Just wanted to thank you both again for your help in reviewing our grant application.  I’m happy to let you know we got the grant!  Thanks again! We are receiving the entire amount for which we applied ($129,860.57)!

Timothy Burt
Special Investigations Bureau
Dover, NH

Thank you for the information, I just talked to our grant writer here at the institution and she seems to think this is worth pursuing. The work sheet I did for you will prove useful and we will use at least 2 of the organizations to pursue for Grants. Hopefully everything works out. Thank you and I will let you know if I need any further guidance.

Harold Mark Logterman
Armory Sergeant
Oshkosh Correctional Institution
Oshkosh, WI

I wanted to thank you for all your help and time on this application. It is always a pleasure to work and speak with you. You have been amazing and so patient. I should have this completed by the end of the week and back to you for review.

Thanks again

Stephen Stover
Police Officer
Bernalillo Police Department
Bernalillo, NM

Thank you, I'll get that going.  Please express my gratitude to PoliceGrantsHelp and the crew for a great job.

Matt Mansell
Pacific Police Dept.
Pacific, MO

Sounds great! I spoke with the sales representative, thank you. I then spoke with the architects yesterday and they are driving up here on Wednesday to look at the property and go over a few things. Things are starting to roll on my end a little. Again, thanks for all of your help, I sincerely appreciate it.

Ryan Robison
Dinuba Police Department
Dinuba, CA

You guys are easy to work with.  Automatic License Plate Readers and In-Car Video and Audio System are in the radar beam.  I definitely will use your help with that once I know what I’m doing with this [proposal].  My Chief is pleased with your help also.

John C. Hansen
Deputy Chief
Triton College Police Department
River Grove, IL


Thank you for your patient and thoughtful assistance. I am confident that we can apply for several of the opportunities we discussed. 

JL Smith
LCC Public Safety
Lane County, OR


Thank you so much for your team taking the time to assist us in starting on this new venture…it looks promising. 

Thank you,

Mark Hurm
Park Advocacy Manager
Polk County Conservation
Granger, IA

Hi Brian,

Got your message. I was actually out getting letters from the Commissioner for this when you called. The application looks wonderful, you did a great job. I’m hoping to have it all put together by tomorrow and sent. If not, I will hand deliver it sometime Monday Sept. 29th.

Thank you for all your help with this.

Brandon Toll
Sorenson Legacy Foundation
Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you very much for a wealth of information. I’ll start navigating. I also appreciate the sage advice that tools purchased for law enforcement are answers to problems, something that one can forget in pursuit of the funding. I will take your offer of continued contact seriously! Thank you.

Don Hinchey
Arapahoe County, AZ

Thanks for all you do at I find this website to be very useful.

Rebekah L. Ricardo
Office of Chief of Police
Winston-Salem Police Department
Winston-Salem, NC

Hi Sarah,
First of all, let me say, "you rock!". I approached our local Sam's Club yesterday. I will be picking up an application in February when the grant becomes available. I will look into these other avenues you have suggested. Thank you, again for helping me!!!

Greg Parrott
New Deal Police Department
New Deal, TX

Hi Sarah,
Thank you for your response regarding my grant I've attended numerous courses on grant writing, and find the only issue I have is the time consuming part. Thank you.

Eric Seitz
Chief of Police
Moapa Tribal Police Department
Moapa, NV

Thank you so much for doing some research. I will be looking into these and exploring if these will accomplish our goals in obtaining funding. Again, thanks for your assistance.

Tracy Busby
Calaveras County Sheriff's Office
San Andreas, CA

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for getting back to me. I am completely new at all this and I do appreciate your help. I am sure to be asking for it often!

Thank you again,

Bob Townsend
Reserve Officer
Gordon Police Department
Gordon, NE

Ms. Wilson,
I want to thank you again for assisting my team in the grant writing process. This was the area where we had the most trouble!

Thank you again for all your help,

Luis Martinez
Town of Mamaroneck Police Department
Mamaroneck, NY

Dear Sarah,
First off, thanks for all the help you and Police Grants do for everyone in Law Enforcement. I'm with a Sheriff's Office in Pa that has 50 Full timer and 30 or so part-time Deputies. Thank you for helping our department find some funding for Tasers. I'm actually enrolled in a 40 HR Grant Writing Class next week. I'm hoping to be able to put together a grant for Taser products when I get back from the class.

Thanks for the info,

Ricky Sechler
Lehigh County Sheriff's Office
Allentown, PA

Dear Sarah,
Sarah, I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts assisting me with the grant that I was interested in. All I can say is “WOW” when I talked to our radio tech who gave me your name and contact information I did not realize how right on the mark he was about you.

I can say it has been a pleasure to talk and work with you on this grant. Like I said from the start I am no expert grant writer and Brian Harris and you were awesome.

With a short deadline to get this grant in you both went above and beyond and got it done extremely well. Thanks again!


Captain Robert E. Cottrell
Deputy Chief of Police
West Point Police Department
West Point, VA