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NICE Investigate

Are your detectives spending too much time collecting, analyzing and sharing digital evidence to build their cases? NICE Investigate automates these processes so they can close more cases faster.

Collect: One login and 'Google-like' search collects digital evidence from all connected systems; content analytics even makes unstructured data sources searchable; built-in workflows streamline evidence requests & tracking; secure portal for crowdsourcing

Analyze: Automatically transcodes video into playable format; puts evidence into context – viewable on map or timeline; synchronously replays media files (audio, video, etc.) in chronological sequence

Share: No more copying evidence onto CDs, DVDs, USBs; virtual case folders make sharing evidence with DAs simple, yet secure; built in audit trail and chain of custody tracking

NICE Investigate runs on the Microsoft Azure Gov cloud and is CJIS compliant.

Featured Products

  • NICE Investigate- Investigation Portal

    NICE Investigate- Investigation Portal

  • NICE Investigate- Prosecution Portal

    NICE Investigate- Prosecution Portal

  • NICE Investigate- Public Portal

    NICE Investigate- Public Portal

  • NICE Investigate- Close More Cases Faster

    NICE Investigate- Close More Cases Faster

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