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Fill out the form below for FREE customized grant help for In Car Video, Body Cameras projects including grant research, grant alert notices and grant application reviews from our team of grant experts. Whether you're just starting your In Car Video, Body Cameras project or need to add the final touches to an application, our staff of grant consultants has teamed up with Safety Vision to provide grant resources and services specific to In Car Video, Body Cameras. We do not guarantee funding, but will do everything we can to assist you in submitting a successful grant application.

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Safety Vision

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About Safety Vision
Safety Vision LLC entered the law enforcement market in 2004 and has since earned a solid reputation by providing law enforcement professionals with rugged and reliable video capture and management systems. Included in this product array are in-car video systems, including patrol cameras, mics, and mobile DVRs, as well as body worn cameras.

To guarantee your satisfaction, our knowledgeable customer support network is available to provide you with expert installation, product training, and troubleshooting for your department. Our compact mobile video solutions capture a high quality, unbiased records of events that can reduce false complaints by citizens, decrease excessive uses of force by officers, reinforce professional conduct and officer accountability, corroborate stories and document sequences of events, create indisputable and court-admissible evidence, and simplify management of video and audio data.

Featured Products





  • MCAM2 + CFRC Dash and Cabin Cameras

    MCAM2 + CFRC Dash and Cabin Cameras

  • Power Control Monitor

    Power Control Monitor

  • 8 Bay Docking Station

    8 Bay Docking Station

  • The Prima Facie® Body Worn Camera

    The Prima Facie® Body Worn Camera

  • ICOP® PRO Wireless Mic

    ICOP® PRO Wireless Mic

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