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Equature - Body Cameras

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Equature - Body Cameras

About Equature

Equature, an American company, designs and manufactures public safety software platforms that include logging recording, redaction & transcription, and video management. An ongoing concern since 1972, Equature is a leading provider in the Next Generation 911 technologies that Public Safety Answering Points, nationally, are now adopting and implementing, based on the NENA i3 STA-010 v2 standards.

The foundation of Equature’s technology platform is our Equature Communications Logger. The Equature Core logger integrates recording of analog, proprietary digital, multiple Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP), T1, E1 and multi-media streams, and inputs from outside sources.

The Equature suite of software includes multiple data processing technologies that include video and audio editing, obfuscation, redaction, and transcription. Equature supplements the software platform with on-line continuous learning programs, specifically designed to address the maintenance of public safety personnel.

As the direct manufacturer of the Equature platform, Equature continues to maintain and improve the software to provide public safety with the tools to operate efficiently.

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