Ala. police race to meet $1.7M grant deadline

By John Sharp

MOBILE, Ala. — The city will pursue a $1.7 million federal grant they hope will enable Mobile to add 15 new police officers. The grant covers a three-year time period, and award recipients will be announced in September.

But some council members are questioning why the city's administration gave the City Council very little time to let them know about application, which will cost local taxpayer $143,000 a year out of the city's budget.

Police Chief Michael T. Williams said the grant's availability was released under a short notice by the U.S. Department of Justice, and that the application for a community policing development grant would have to be made by May 24. Mayor Sam Jones said the police chief received notice about the grant "less than five days ago."

Full Story: Mobile Police Department seeking $1.7 million grant to add 15 new police officers

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