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In this month’s eNews, guest columnist Andrea Fox talks about several big box chain stores providing small grants for public safety, community engagement and resilience. While the PoliceOne team provides you a look ahead at the challenges for law enforcement in 2018.

There are a ton of law enforcement grants open right now with more opening very soon - contact the PoliceGrantsHelp Team today to see how we can help make applying for a grant less of a hassle for you!
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5 big box store community grant opportunities

By Andrea Fox
Big box stores offer communities grants for public safety, community engagement and resilience. Learn more and know when to apply.
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Grant Grant Deadline
North Carolina Criminal Justice Improvement Grant (JAG) 01/31/2018
Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority Grant Program 02/05/2018
Office of Violence Prevention Grant (OVP) (Nebraska) 02/15/2018
Texas Criminal Justice Division Body Worn Camera Program 02/20/2018
Texas Violence Against Women Justice and Training Program (VAWA) 02/20/2018
Texas Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program 02/20/2018
Texas General Victim Assistance Direct Services Program 02/20/2018
Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Act Grant (Coverdell) - Oklahoma 02/26/2018
Maryland Highway Safety Office Grants 02/28/2018
Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS) 03/20/2018
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